Aeromotive’s premium selection of fuel pumps support the heart of your vehicle’s performance. Whether you’re fueling a high-horsepower race car, pumping new life into a classic, or boosting a late model car or truck, our fuel pumps deliver power, performance, and reliability.

Aftermarket Fuel Pumps for Every Application

Our aftermarket fuel pumps are engineered for those who demand performance at any angle, any speed, and any condition. From high-output electric fuel pumps to mechanical pumps designed for durability, we have the perfect solution for your fuel system upgrade.

Electric Fuel Pump Selection

The in-tank fuel pump selection at Aeromotive are perfect for both efi and carbureted applications.  The pumps provide superior flow throughout a wide pressure range, enhancing your engine’s responsiveness and power.

Performance Fuel Pumps: Elevate Your Drive

For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in vehicle performance, our performance fuel pumps offer superior flow rates and pressure control. Incorporating advanced technology, these pumps support demanding fuel pump systems, including submersible fuel pumps that you can mount directly in-tank for a stealth option.

Enhance Your Fuel System with Regulators and Filters

To achieve the best performance from your fuel pumps, consider integrating Aeromotive fuel pressure regulators and fuel filters into your system. Our fuel regulators ensure consistent fuel pressure, while our fuel filters keep contaminants at bay, ensuring your fuel pump system operates at peak efficiency.

Discover the difference a high-quality fuel pump can make in your vehicle. With Aeromotive's selection of electric and mechanical fuel pumps, you're investing in reliability, power, and efficiency.