Aeromotive’s Racing Fuel Cells are engineered to meet the demanding needs of race cars and high-horsepower vehicles. These fuel cells offer a high-performance alternative to modifying stock gas tanks, providing a direct, efficient solution for fuel delivery challenges faced by racing professionals and enthusiasts.

Three Size Options: 6, 15, and 20 Gallon Fuel Cells

Selecting the right size is crucial for your racing setup. Aeromotive offers Racing Fuel Cells in 6, 15, and 20 gallon capacities, ensuring that whether you’re on a short sprint or endurance race, your vehicle has the fuel it needs. Our cells are designed to accommodate larger output pumps directly, facilitating easier installation and greater reliability.

What Is a Fuel Cell? Understanding the Basics

A racing fuel cell is more than just a fuel tank; it's a sophisticated fuel containment system designed for safety and performance. Fuel cells enhance fuel delivery to high-performance engines, typically installed in the trunk for balance and accessibility, and come equipped with safety features crucial for racing applications.

Fuel Cell with Pump: Integrated Performance Solutions

All Aeromotive Racing Fuel Cells include a fuel pump designed to match the rigorous fuel demands of racing engines. This integration simplifies setup and ensures that your high-horsepower car receives a consistent supply of fuel, enabling peak performance under racing conditions.

The Significance of Fuel Cells in Racing

Racing fuel cells are pivotal for vehicles pushing the limits on the track. Offering enhanced safety, performance, and the ability to feed high-capacity fuel pumps, these fuel cells are a staple in race cars and high-performance setups. The fuel cell tank and pump work together to replace conventional fuel tanks, offering a more efficient and reliable fuel delivery system.

In cases where extreme performance is sought, fuel cells allow for dual-fuel approaches, although most commonly, they serve as the primary fuel source, eliminating the need for stock fuel tanks. For space and performance considerations, fuel cells are installed predominantly in the trunk, although small cells may be placed under the hood in dedicated racing vehicles.

Explore Aeromotive's Racing Fuel Cells

Whether you're building a race car or enhancing a high-performance street vehicle, Aeromotive’s Racing Fuel Cells provide the solution you need for efficient fuel management. With integrated fuel cell pumps and a range of sizes to choose from, our fuel cells ensure that your vehicle performs at its peak, any speed, any angle, any condition.

Discover the difference a dedicated Racing Fuel Cell can make in your vehicle’s performance. Choose Aeromotive for reliable, high-quality fuel system solutions tailored to the demands of racing and high horsepower applications.