With Aeromotive’s assortment of Fuel Tanks - it’s what you can’t see that is magic. Aeromotive’s iconic fuel pumps come pre-installed to deliver unparalleled performance across a wide range of vehicles. Replacement fuel tanks from Aeromotive serve as direct fits and retain OEM fuel outlet location.

Fuel Tanks with Pumps: Gen II Stealth Tanks

Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Tanks incorporate a built-in stealth fuel pump, providing an all-in-one solution that simplifies installation while optimizing fuel delivery at 200 lph and 340 lph.  Ideal for modern builds and restorations, these tanks pair well with our line of return-style fuel pressure regulators and performance fuel lines. For those that demand more, our 525 lph tanks are exclusively used for MOPAR hellcat engine swaps in a selection of classic muscle cars.

Aftermarket Gas Tanks for Those Who Demand Performance

Whether you’re looking for a gas tank replacement or planning a complete system overhaul, Aeromotive offers premium-quality tanks that fit your specific needs. Each tank has ample capacity and is finished with a silver powder coat exterior for extra protection and long-term good looks.

Aeromotive Fuel Tanks for Trucks: Rugged and Reliable

The Aeromotive lineup includes options for Chevy 1500/2500s, ½ ton trucks, and C10 fuel tanks. These truck fuel tanks are built to withstand the most demanding conditions, guaranteeing performance and reliability.

Replacement Fuel Tanks: Precision Fit and Function

Our replacement fuel tanks are crafted to offer a precise fit and superior function, providing a dependable solution for gas tank replacement. With attention to detail, these tanks meet or exceed OEM specifications, ensuring your vehicle’s fuel system is restored to its optimal state.

Choosing Aeromotive for your fuel tank needs means investing in quality and innovation. Explore our selection and equip your vehicle with a fuel tank that promises durability, performance, and peace of mind, regardless of where your journey takes you.