Friends Don't Let Friends Experience Fuel Starvation

Friends Don't Let Friends Experience Fuel Starvation

Killer Performance, a long-time friend and partner of Aeromotive, reached out to us for some help. They needed a brushless fuel pump to feed their new Mustang’s upgraded powerplant, so we engineered a drop-in brushless pump prototype. It utilizes our traditional billet outlet cap, which is not accurately labeled for the pump it’s attached to, but this is all in the name of science. Spoiler alert: the pump passed with flying colors.

Aeromotive Engineer Matt Brewer with Curtis Smith, co-owner of Killer Performance, discuss the plan.

The team at Killer Performance worked in tandem with Aeromotive Product Engineer Matt Brewer to ensure the success of this prototype brushless pump in their customer’s S197 Mustang GT convertible. Before this new prototype pump, the 'Stang was running a dual 450-style pump. A great application for many, but not nearly as much nuance and efficiency as what will be available with this new pump.

Matt explaining the internal pump workings to Killer Performance mechanic, Zach.

Aeromotive’s brushless fuel pumps are more efficient and draw less amps than traditional brushed pumps. Additionally, the True Variable Speed Controller allows the pump to reduce pump speed during periods of lower fuel demand. Providing all the roar when it's needed and keeps it even-keeled when it's not.

Zach installing the OEM fuel level sender on the new pump assembly - easy breezy.

The Aeromotive Ford Mustang Brushless Fuel Pump module is designed to fit the factory Mustang fuel tank with minimal modifications. This means an easy in-tank brushless fueling solution is coming for all our 2011-2020 Mustang fans. It took Zach here a mere 2 minutes to drop the pump into the OEM opening. That plus some time for securing and hook-ups is some serious power with serious time saving capabilities.

As the image below shows, the prototype fuel pump fits in the factory fuel tank opening without modification. The prototype outlet cap is labeled as an Aeromotive A1000 even though the prototype pump is actually a 5.0 GPM pump capable of supporting up to 1,820 horsepower on E-85/forced induction/fuel injection. The outlet cap will get a facelift before she makes her appearance for consumer purchase later this fall.

OEM placement of our pump in the Mustang tank and it fits like a glove.

Thanks to the team at Killer Performance for working with us to develop this incredible prototype. The work on some of the meanest machines and we're lucky to have them in our corner to try out these insane prototypes.

This product will be available for purchase in late fall of 2022 - this kind of perfection takes time. But in the meantime, be on the lookout for a YouTube video that showcases this master pump in the Killer Performance dyno coming soon. Smirking

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