Fuel System Diagrams



Let us know about your project and we’ll help you narrow down which pump you need. Then return here for diagrams to complete your system.


The following are the basic solutions to the most common systems. For more specific diagrams, or variables of the following, please call tech at 913-647-7300

Stealth 340 Diagrams
Phantom 200 & 340, Stealth 340 Fuel Cells, Stealth 340 Performance Muscle Tanks

In Line Diagrams
A750, A1000, Eliminator and Pro Series

Phantom Diagrams
Phantom 200, Phantom 340, Flex Phantom and Dual Phantom

Fuel Cell Diagrams
A1000 and Eliminator Fuel Cells

T-Style Carbureted Diagrams
SS Series, High Output SS, A2000 and A3000

Mechanical Fuel Pumps
6 and 12 gpm Gerotor Fuel Pumps

New Brushless Fuel Pump Diagrams
Brushless A1000 & Eliminator, Brushless Gear Pumps – External and In-tank

New Diagrams Added Daily – check back soon.