10-17 Mustang GT Stealth A1000 Racing Fuel System with 4.6L 3-V Fuel Rails

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P/N 17318: 10-17 Mustang GT Stealth EFI Fuel System:
For Late Model Mustang GT’s with 3-Valve 4.6L Swap.

  • Rated for EFI engines producing up to 1,000 Flywheel HP Forced Induction or 1,300 Flywheel HP Naturally Aspirated on gas.
  • Billet Fuel Rails for 2010-2017 Mustang GT Chassis with engine swap to 4.6L 3V GT engine and/or equivalent intake.
  • Includes Aeromotive’s HD Fuel Pump Wiring Kit for limited duty, racing applications.

For Continuous Duty/Street Applications See P/N 17319

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This Mustang Stealth Fuel System includes the Aeromotive Stealth A1000 fuel pump, designed to fit inside the stock, OEM Mustang tank and integrate with the stock fuel-level sending unit and jet-siphon transfer pump.  This Serious Aeromotive Fuel System provides all the necessary fuel system hard-parts including the Stealth In-Tank Fuel Pump, 40-micron High Flow Filter, One Piece CNC Y-block, Billet High-Flow Fuel Rails, Billet EFI Pressure Regulator and all necessary Aeromotive high flow, ORB Port Fittings.  Fuel Pump Electrical Supply is also provided, including our amazing HD Fuel Pump Wiring Kit for cars that will be primarily raced, with limited street driving. Fuel Lines and Hose-Ends sold separately.

This system contains the following parts (click on any item for more details):

1ea p/n 14116 Fuel Rails 
1ea p/n 13101 Fuel Pressure Regulator 
1ea p/n 18694 Fuel Pump Assembly 
1ea p/n 16307 Fuel Pump Wiring Kit 
1ea p/n 12305 Filter Bracket 
1ea p/n 12335 Filter Assembly, 40-micron 
1ea p/n 15107 One-Way Check Valve 
6ea p/n 15607 ORB-08 to AN-08 Fittings 
4ea p/n 15610 ORB-10 to AN-08 Fittings 
1ea p/n 15649 ORB-06 to AN-08 Fitting 
1ea p/n 15674 Y-Block, AN-08 
1ea p/n OR002-2910 AN-10 O-Ring


Additional information

Weight17.91 lbs
Dimensions19 × 13 × 13 in

Mounting Configuration:

CARB or EFIPower AdderFUELHorsepower