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One-Way AN-10 Check Valve


P/N 15107 AN-10 One-Way Check Valve
AN-10 inlet to ORB-10 outlet

  • For installation after pump, before regulator.
  • Requires ORB-10 to AN outlet fitting.
  • Gasoline only, not rated for alcohol fuels.


High flow one-way check valves designed to prevent back-flow with minimal pressure drop. Ideal to prevent drain back after the fuel pump is turned off, or when dual pumps are used and both pumps may not run simultaneously.

  • CNC-machined billet aluminum and Type II bright dip black anodized finish.
  • AN-10 male inlet, ORB-10 female outlet connections.
  • Ideal configuration for easy installation into filter or fuel pump outlet port, no need for additional lines, hose-ends or fittings.
  • Suitable for use with gasoline fuels only, not alcohol compatible.
  • Use AN-10 o-rings P/N 15623 for installation into ORB-10 port.
  • Compatible ORB-10 to AN outlet adapters include:
    • ORB-10 to AN-12:  P/N 15642
    • ORB-10 to AN-10:  P/N 15608
    • ORB-10 to AN-08:  P/N 15610
    • ORB-10 to AN-06:  P/N 15609

Additional information

Weight0.36 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 3.63 × 1.25 in

Mounting Configuration:

CARB or EFIPower AdderFUELHorsepower

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