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Aeromotive Evaluation/Rebuild Program

Are you getting ready for race season? Concerned you might have fuel pump problem? Just want to make sure everything’s working right? Aeromotive offers a complete fuel pump evaluation and rebuild program.  For $50 we will test/evaluate your fuel pump and make sure you know the exact flow at pressure and if it meets spec. Not under warranty? No worries, we offer cost-efficient pricing to re-build your fuel pump to new spec, if needed.

You'll need an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) to send your product in.

Fill out the form below to get started TODAY!

How It Works?

  1. Once you submit a form you will receive a response email within 48 hours.
  2. The email will provide the RGA# and explain pricing and shipping information.
  3. Return shipping included in rebuild pricing, not included with evaluations.
  4. Contact us at 913-647-7300 with any questions or concerns.

Evaluation/Reseal $50

  • The evaluation consists of a pressure check for leaking and repair if needed.  Full flow test to see if it meets specs.  Checking for any malfunctions.
  • Performance spec sheet provided with return of the pump
  • If the item isn’t under warranty the customer has the below options for a rebuild
  • The $50 evaluation fee can be used towards the repair pricing outlined below

Brush-Style In-Line and Stealth Pumps

A750:  $295 Complete Rebuild
A1000: $295 Complete Rebuild (Auto and Marine Versions)
Eliminator:  $425 Complete Rebuild (Auto and Marine Versions)
Pro-Series:  $550 Complete Rebuild

T-Style Pumps

SS/HO:  $200 Complete Rebuild (Auto and Marine Versions)
A2000:  $350 Complete Rebuild
A3000:  $400 Complete Rebuild

Brushless In-Line and Stealth Pumps

A1000 Brushless:  $545 (Complete Rebuild)
$250 (Motor and Controller Only)

Eliminator Brushless: $675 (Complete Rebuild)
$250 (Motor and Controller Only)

3.5 GPM:  $825 (Complete Rebuild)
$350 (Motor and Controller Only)

5.0 GPM:  $825 (Complete Rebuild)
$350 (Motor and Controller Only)

7.0 GPM:  $975 (Complete Rebuild)
$400 (Motor and Controller Only)

10.0 GPM:  $975 (Complete Rebuild)
$400 (Motor and Controller Only)

Mechanical Pumps, Spur-Gear and G-Rotor:

Call the Tech Line for quote at 913-647-7300 and dial 2 for the Tech Department.

All quoted prices subject to ship-to state tax requirements