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Aeromotive Evaluation/Rebuild Program

Are you getting ready for race season? Have fuel pump problems? Just want to make sure everything’s working right? Aeromotive is now offering a pump evaluation and rebuild program.  For $50 we will evaluate your fuel pump and make sure you know exactly what it’s flowing. Worried that it’s not under warranty? We will also offer cost-efficient pricing to re-build your fuel pump. Fill out the form below to get started TODAY!

How It Works?

  1. Once you submit a form you will receive a response email within 24 hours.
  2. The email will explain pricing and shipping information.
  3. Contact us at 913-647-7300 with any questions or concerns.

Tier 1 - Evaluation $50

  • The evaluation consists of checking for leaking, flowing to see if it meets specs, or checking for any malfunctions. We will provide a spec sheet with the pump
  • If the item isn’t under warranty the customer has the below options for a rebuild
  • Following evaluation, If the pump meets specs, you can use that $50 towards any future purchases. Expires after 60 days
  • The $50 evaluation fee can be used towards the tiered pricing below

Tier 2 - $275 (includes shipping)

  • All standard pumps. A1000-A3000
  • SS Series Pumps $150.

Tier 3- $400 (includes shipping)

  • All standard brushless pumps

Tier 4- $550 for the entire pump rebuild or only $175 for controller rebuild (includes shipping)

  • All True Variable Speed Brushless pumps (Excludes 7/10)
  • All G-Rotor Pumps

Tier 5- $700 (Includes Shipping)

  • All Mechanical Spur Gear Pumps
  • 7 & 10 GPM Brushless Pump Rebuild

All quoted prices subject to ship-to state tax requirements