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C10 Nationals: The Best of The Best

The Dallas C10 Nationals wrapped up this year with plenty of beautiful Aeromotive-fueled odes to the iconic Chevy pickup

C10 Nationals includes all GM pickups, SUVs and 4×4’s produced after 1946, like these beautiful K5 Blazers.

The Chevrolet C10 pickups are true American classics entering a renaissance among restorers, customizers and racers alike. Introduced in 1960, the first-generation Chevy C10 continued production until 1966. The C10 was updated for its second-generation the following year, which ran through 1972, followed by the third-generation C10 in 1973, which remained in production with some minor facelifts and model changes until 1991.

C10 Nationals is the world’s largest Chevrolet and GMC truck gathering celebrating all things C10. There are two events, one in Dallas, Texas, in May and another in Nashville, Tennessee, in October. They each include a truck show, vendor midway, autocross, dyno, drag racing, swap meet and more. C10 Nationals welcomes Chevrolet and GMC pickups, SUVs, and 4x4s produced after 1946. 

This Aeromotive-fueled C10 features our A1000 Brushless Fuel Cell, pictured below.

Where there are automotive fans, there are Aeromotive-equipped rides, and the Texas C10 Nationals was no exception. Aeromotive Fuel Systems supplies universally applicable components, including fuel pressure regulators, fuel rails, fuel pumps and filters, as well as model-specific plug-and-play parts like our Gen II Stealth Fuel Tank for 1973-81 short-wheelbase ½-ton Chevy trucks. 

As shown above, this C10 beautifully showcases the 20-gallon A1000 Brushless Fuel Cell.

With LS-swaps fueling the restomod revolution, and the expansive engine bays of the GM C10 platform, LS-swapped C10s are becoming a favorite of truck enthusiasts, builders, hot rodders and autocrossers. Aeromotive offers many fueling solutions for vehicles fitted with LS engines, regardless of power output.

The Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas, was the venue for the 2022 C10 Nationals. Unlike most car shows, C10 Nationals hosted events like an autocross section, a burnout contest, a dyno contest, and the newest addition, a drag race. Where else can you see a gaggle of classic pickups smoking tires, earning presentation awards, doing autocross and hitting the dyno? That’s what makes C10 Nationals so unique.

An Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator will keep your ride running right, whether running twin-turbos and an LSX or something much closer to stock.

If you couldn’t make it to Fort Worth in May, the October C10 Nationals are in Nashville, Tennessee. There’s still time to register your truck for the show and see what the buzz is about!

Are you looking for a fuel solution for your Chevrolet C10 pickup? Aeromotive has everything you need to upgrade your fuel system, whether your ride is carbureted, fuel-injected, cranking out big power or nearly stock. Visit today to find the right parts for your ride! Or contact our technical support team at or (913) 647-7300 to ensure that you have the perfect parts for your build.

This under-hood shot showcases the Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator that keeps this blown big block properly fueled.