New Trifekta™ Phantom

Aeromotive’s new Phantom Trifekta™ is designed to extend the patented Phantom technology into the realm of ultra-high horsepower street/strip applications. Equipped with triple 450lph, E85 friendly Walbro pumps, the new Aeromotive Trifekta™ supports staged pump control to reduce recycling and improve continuous duty capability. The Trifekta™ is ready to feed blown EFI applications making a whopping 1,650 FWHP on E85 and as much as 2,400 FWHP on gas.

Featuring an engineered, high capacity foam and bladder baffle, the New Phantom Trifekta™ includes a custom billet CNC hat with dual ORB-08 outlet ports, an ORB-08 return, and triple electrical bulkheads to allow independent pump control. Using a larger, custom Phantom gasket and internal c-ring, the Trifekta™ takes full advantage of its Phantom Heritage, delivering an incredibly easy, effective Phantom installation, in virtually any tank from 6” to 11” deep. Installing the Phantom Trifekta™ is as easy as any other Phantom, requiring no extensive fabrication or welding modifications to install in the tank.

For universal, on-demand fuel delivery and ultra-high horse power, combined with quiet, continuous duty capability, there is simply nothing else on the market like Aeromotive’s new Phantom Trifekta™!