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Pro-Series In-Tank Fuel Pump


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Pro-Series Pump, by the numbers

Fuel Injected Engines go up to 2,200 HP – Naturally Aspirated and up to 1,700 HP – Forced Induction

Carbureted Engines go up to 2,600 HP – Naturally Aspirated and up to 2,000 HP – Forced Induction

Additional information

Weight6.55 lbs
Dimensions8.25 × 7 × 6.5 in

Mounting Configuration:

CARB or EFIPower AdderFUELHorsepower
EFI Naturally Aspirated Gas 2200
EFI Naturally Aspirated E85 1540
CARB Naturally Aspirated Gas 2600
CARB Naturally Aspirated E85 1820
EFI Forced Induction Gas 1700
EFI Forced Induction E85 1190
CARB Forced Induction Gas 2000
CARB Forced Induction E85 1400