All New X1 Series Regulators

Aeromotive announced today the expansion of their already impressive lineup of fuel pressure regulators with the addition of the X1 Series Regulator. As the next step in the evolution of Aeromotive’s line of regulators, the X1 is one of the most innovative regulator designs to hit market in recent years. From carbureted to EFI pressures, naturally aspirated or forced induction, the X1 is designed to span the entire range of applications providing dependable fuel pressure regulation. Making the change from a carburetor to EFI or EFI to carburetor? There is no longer a need to purchase a new regulator. Simply utilize one of three conversion kits (sold separately) to match the operating range required of your engine. Replace original X1 Series regulator internals with the conversion kit of your choice (Part #’s 13013, 13014, and 13015) and you have a regulator with vastly different characteristics. While versatility is one of the X1’s greatest assets, it is far from the only new design feature. Utilizing larger (3) -8AN inlet/outlet/return ports to accommodate increased flow, Aeromotive incredibly reduced overall weight by 33% (compared to Aeromotive 13109 regulator). Even with these new design components, none of the traditional features expected of a genuine Aeromotive product have been neglected. Still integrated is the 1/8” NPT gauge port and 1:1 ratio boost reference port for easy forced induction connection. The X1 Series provides flexible performance that grows as your fuel system grows. X1_cutaway16 X1 REGULATOR PART NUMBER’S 13303 - .188” Seat (red in color) 35-75psi (Works well with 11137 200lph up to 11101 A1000) 13304 - .313” Seat (black in color) 3-15psi (Works well with 11137 200lph up to 11104 Eliminator) 13305 - .313” Seat (black in color) 35-75psi (Works well with 11104 Eliminator up to 11102 Pro Series) CONVERSION KITS 13013 - .188” seat 35-75psi 13014 - .313” seat 3-15psi 13015 - .313” seat 35-75psi