The 2010 Ford Cobra Jet Goes Stealth With Aeromotive

Lenexa, KS – 2009 – Aeromotive Fuel Systems is proud to announce that Ford Racing has selected them to provide the fuel system for the 2010 Ford Cobra Jet. Aeromotive will be supplying one of their brand new Stealth Fuel Cells as the heart of the bulletproof fuel system. The Stealth Fuel Cell developed for the Cobra Jet is a 6-gallon aluminum racing fuel cell with an Aeromotive Eliminator fuel pump and filter inside the cell itself. The Eliminator Fuel Pump is capable of supporting up to 1400 horsepower in these applications; so running out of fuel pump is out of the question. 2010-cobra-jet-stealth-fuel-cell“We were very pleased with our 2008 Cobra Jets, but for 2010 we knew we had to up the standard for our turn key drag cars. We partnered with the best in the business to come up with a fuel system specifically engineered for drag racing these supercharged, fuel injected motors,” said Brian Wolfe, Director of North American Motorsports at Ford Motor Co. “Aeromotive has done an excellent job and we are proud to have them on our 2010 Cobra Jets.” “The opportunity to work with Ford Racing is tremendous,” says Aeromotive founder and President, Steve Matusek. “We are truly honored that they selected us to provide the fuel system on these cars. What a privilege. I can’t help but feel this is a testament to what we have worked so hard to accomplish and to the philosophy on which we built this company. We work to build the best products on the market and then we stand behind them to support the racers and customers that use them.” Aeromotive has been developing their Stealth Systems over the last year and a half and recently released the Stealth Fuel Cells to market. Currently they offer 15 and 20-gallon aluminum cells with the option of an Aeromotive A1000 or Eliminator Fuel Pump. The Aeromotive Cobra Jet Fuel Cell (6.5 gallons) will be available soon. These cells will fit any S197 Mustang, making, it easy to build your own CJ or convert your Mustang to a track-ready car. Stay tuned to for more on the Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Systems.