In our quest to provide the leading edge in fuel system parts and manufacturing, we rely heavily on performance partners to help us develop and test these new products. As much as we know performance, we know fuel systems even better. But, in today's modern performance market, there is much to learn. The way to make power with WRX/STi is a little different than a new Camaro or Mustang. The way to support that power is even more different. It's at this point that we turn to our partners and ask them to assist us in determining the specifications and the applications for the fuel system. The pump might all serve the same purpose, but the system must compliment the pump's performance while conforming to the demands of the application or the car. Gallery_IPSmotorsports_editpic2Enter IPS Motorsports, Ohio's premier performance and tuning facility for a wide-variety of late-model domestic and import sports and luxury cars. (as they put it) These guys know their stuff. If it makes horsepower, they can do it. They also have an amazing grasp on the complexity of today's modern cars. It's why we at Aeromotive turned to them to assist us in the development of many of our later model fuel system solutions. In particular was the C5 and C6 fuel system. They have taken that system to its absolute limits and done it successfully. In fact it fueled the current fastest stock-suspension Corvette in the world. (more below) IPS Motorsports is also our very first Authorized Dealer. To be considered and Authorized or part of premier dealer network, a shop must have be trained by the Aeromotive staff, carry and sell Aeromotive products and basically prove that they can troubleshoot fuel systems and install and service Aeromotive products and systems. IPS goes above and beyond in this department. Cars from all over the US come to their Ohio facility because no one does it like them. In fact they are also our Preferred Aeromotive Installer for the Corvette and 5th Gen Camaro Stealth Fuel Systems. They have gone to great lengths to engineer an installation system for the fuel system that is flawless. Its for this reason that we recommend IPS Motorsports and value their partnership so much. More about IPS Motorsports IPS Motorsports specializes in everything from Corvette's and Camaro's to STI's and EVO's but they all have one thing in common: Horsepower! Their clients come to them for the fastest street and track cars anywhere in the Midwest. They typically have anywhere from 5-10 builds going on at the same time all with the same goal - 1000+ Horsepower. The makes and models may differ but they all have one thing in common - crazy, ridiculous, brute speed. Of course they do simple bolt-on installs every single day there as well, but speed is addictive. Gallery_IPSmotorsports_editpic The owner of the IPS-Sponsored Z06 Corvette, currently the fastest stock-suspension Corvette in the world, initially brought them his then-stock Corvette for simple bolt-on's and a tune. Fast-forward a few years and the car is a 2500+ Horsepower, record-breaking, 7-second Monster! IPS is one of the largest performance facilities in the Midwest featuring 35,000 Sq Ft of space. This space is filled with 15 lifts, 50+ bays, two chassis dyno's, and the most state-of-the-art service and diagnostic equipment money can buy. In addition, they also have full-service fabrication, metal-finishing (Polishing / Powder coating / Ceramic coating), and tuning departments to make IPS truly a "One-stop" shop for your performance vehicle. There is also over 4,000 Sq Ft of space dedicated to stocking parts with thousands of part numbers and hundreds of brands on the shelf at all times. We encourage you to stop by and take a tour of the facility, meet one of the knowledgeable sales people, and get expert advice on the most cost-effective way to make your dreams a reality. Links: Contact IPS Motorsports: Carlyle Racing: