SHOP PROFILE: Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle

From time to time, we like to call special attention to the shops that are really making a difference in our industry. Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle in Addison, Illinois is certainly one shop that is making waves and changing what you might think of a hot rod or restoration shop. Founded by owner, master mechanic and fabricator god, Kevin Tully, HRCC opened its doors in 2004. Kevin had an interesting upbringing into fabrication. After attending the University of Alaska for Welding Technologies, he then went to the US Air Force Aircraft Fabricators School. If that wasn't impressive enough, he cut his teeth in the automotive world at Autofab Racecars where everything they built had one purpose, go fast and win. After moving to the Chicago area, Kevin decided to make a go of it on his own, opening a shop in Addison, IL that focused on traditional street rods and hot rods, mostly pre 1964. More importantly to Kevin was a focus on the traditional art of fabrication. Building almost everything from scratch with the attention to detail and precision you would expect from an aircraft fabricator. In 2006, partner Chad Hill joined Kevin in this endeavor. Chad has a graphic design background and came to HRCC after being an art director for several years at prominent firm. His love for the classics runs deep though with several awesome daily drivers, including a 67 Chevelle SS and a '36 5-window coupe. Chad is a ridiculously talented designer and the combination on vision and talent that both Kevin and Chad possess have produced some of the most incredible and innovative builds we have ever seen. In case you have been living under a rock and haven't seen some of these before. Take a look at the gallery below. Builds like the Tangerine Scream and the Kosmic Outcast are perfect examples of this vision. Aeromotive is extremely proud to be a partner with Hot Chassis & Cycle. Although we are not really sure how it came to fruition, the relationship between Aeromotive and HRCC and cycle has proven to be mutually beneficial. Our first build together was the Raybestos GTO-R. We have an appreciation for the classics but focus on the performance and this build embodied that to a T. So when Kevin approached us for fuel system solution, we were thrilled to oblige. Through the process, we quickly realized the level of knowledge and understanding we were working with ay HRCC. This has lead to several very innovative fuel system solutions. In fact, when we (Aeromotive) were developing and testing our new Phantom Fuel System, we approached HRCC to be our very first guinea pigs. We wanted them to experience it, flush it out and give us some real world experience and data. We knew that we could trust them look at the product, understand it and then give us the feedback we needed to relate it to the end user and general population. They did just that and the very first Phantom on the road found itself in an instant icon, the Kosmic Outcast.
If a shop like HRCC and can have such an impact on us, a manufacturer, imagine what they can do for you, your build or your dream ride. HRCC is different by design and we are proud to be their partner. They are a shop that specializes in restorations and full builds from the ground up, not only fabricating the body and sheet metal, but the entire chassis and suspension as well. They also have a "Skunkworks" division that you have to check out. So no matter your passion, the boys are HRCC are second to none. Take a look at some of their builds below and visit their site. It'll be the funnest time you've spent on the web in a long time. Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle Website Django Studios - Chad's Design Website HRCC Skunkworks