Phantom Endurance Success

Aeromotive couldn't be more excited to hear the latest success story from Yost Autosport. Take minute to see what they had to say after 25 hours of brutal testing. Your Dual Phantom fuel system just completed the very grueling 25hr Endurance race at Thunderhill on the Yost Autosport BMW M3! The system worked flawlessly throughout the entire run. Yost-Autosport-BMW-M3-Race-Car-21
Barry Yost said "When trying to complete an endurance race like the 25hr, you are constantly worrying about the weak link in your build that may put you into the pits or even out of the race. The Dual Phantom system provided piece of mind by allowing a redundant fuel pump system available to the driver by the push of a button. We never needed the second pump, but it was great knowing it was there!"
"During our build process, the great people at Aeromotive helped me design a fuel system that would meet my needs. Learning of the new Dual Phantom system solved many of my problems. It allowed me to install two pumps into our Pyrotech fuel cell without any modifications. Aeromotive had all of the fittings and accessories to make a complete, safe and perfect fuel system to complete the 25hr race."
Barry Yost Yost-Autosport-BMW-M3-Race-Car-5