Expanding Stealth Tank Lineup

Aeromotive is proud to announce that they are more than doubling the size of their Stealth tank line. The demand for modern replacement fuel tanks for vintage rides has been steadily increasing over the past several years, specifically in the realm of EFI conversions and late model engine transplants. Aeromotive already offers Stealth Tanks for the popular Tri-5 Chevys, Gen F-Bodies, 68-72 GM A-Bodies and 64-68 Mustangs. But the latest offering drastically expands the Stealth Tank line and will feature tanks for 1st and Firebird, ‘65-‘66 GM Full Size cars, the highly requested 62-72 Nova / Chevy II and now ‘32 and ‘33-‘34 Ford street rods. Just like the existing Stealth tank line-up, these new reproduction steel tanks feature a durable silver powder coat finish. In addition, they feature an internally baffled system with an in-tank performance fuel pump capable of supporting up to 1000 hp. Simply replace your factory tank with one that looks and feels like the original, but is setup for serious performance. A welded sump, cumbersome fuel cell or expensive custom tank are things of the past. Tanks_cutawayThe stealth tanks bring the fuel system technology you find in today’s cars to your classic muscle car. By placing the fuel pump inside the tank, hot fuel handling issues such as vapor-lock and cavitation are eliminated. No doubt we have all heard the horror stories of hot rodders being stuck on the side of the road with a hurt fuel system or an engine that stumbles under braking, acceleration or hard cornering.These are all issues related to fuel pump location, plumbing and lack of proper baffling. With the Stealth Fuel Tanks from Aeromotive, these are problems of the past. You now have an in-tank fuel pump that is properly vented and submerged in fuel at all times due to the innovative baffling system. Whether your ride is carbureted, EFI or a transplant, a Stealth Fuel Tank is the perfect upgrade. Looks factory, whisper quiet, performs flawlessly and won’t break the budget. Aeromotive Inc. is a true high performance aftermarket manufacturer specializing in fuel delivery and fuel delivery components. Utilizing aerospace tolerances and procedures, 3 generations of track experience and a meticulous approach to engineering, Aeromotive Fuel Systems has become the absolute pinnacle of performance fuel delivery. Tanks_3 #18327 62-65 Chevy II #18331 66-67 Chevy II #18330 68-69 Nova #18333 1970 Nova #18332 71-72 Nova #18336 73-74 Nova #18337 75-79 Nova #18334 61-64 Impala #18318 65-66 Impala #18657 67-68 Camaro #18658 1969 Camaro #18328 70-73 Camaro #18335 74-77 Camaro #18338 78-81 Camaro #18328 70-73 Firebird #18335 74-78 Firebird #18338 79-81 Firebird #18699 Chevy Tri Five #18325 1932 Ford #18326 33-34 Ford #18697 64-68 Mustang #18322 64-67 Skylark #18320 64-67 Cutlass #18319 1964 GTO #18324 1965 LeMans #18321 65-67 GTO / LeMans #18305 68-70 GTO / LeMans #18307 71-72 GTO / LeMans #18301 68-69 Cutlass / Skylark #18303 70-72 Cutlass / 70 Skylark #18302 1970 Monte Carlo #18308 71-72 Monte Carlo #18317 64-67 Chevelle / Malibu #18302 70-72 Chevelle / Malibu #18304 68-69 Chevelle / Malibu Tanks_2