John Hale Tested

After crisscrossing the country all season with his ’69 Camaro nitro funny car, competing in multiple events within multiple drag racing sanctions, John Hale Racing completed the season with a bang: he runnered-up to NHRA Heritage Series Champion Dan Horan Jr. at the 23rd Annual California Hot Rod Reunion. This race marked John Hale’s first complete outing using the new Aeromotive Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car fuel pump (part number 11936). With crew chief Guy Tipon at the helm, Hale, one of thirty Nitro Funny Cars attempting to get in, qualified thirteenth among a tough sixteen-car field. In the first round of eliminations, Hale ran the quickest and fastest run of the first round with a stout 5.709 elapsed time at 256.80 miles per hour. This run became the quickest and fastest Nitro Funny Car round of the race. Owner/Driver John Hale said of the weekend, “I think during the whole race we had one piston damaged. With the Aeromotive pump, we get more fuel volume at higher RPMs and that is saving us money and reducing piston destruction. We are already reaping the benefits of the pump with engine longevity. This pump will save racers money by reducing top end engine damage.” Aeromotive VP and General Manager Vic Wood said of the outing, “It is understandably difficult to get a top team like John Hale’s to change their fuel system mid season, but that's exactly what they did to assist us with the ongoing development of our Terminator Nostalgia Fuel Pump. We are proud to have this great funny car team as part of the Aeromotive Fuel Systems development team.” The Aeromotive Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car pump (11936) and the Nostalgia Top Fuel pump (11937) are legal for use NHRA Hot Rod Heritage and IHRA Nitro Jam Series. Aeromotive posted a $2,500 contingency for winning the funny car class at the California Hot Rod Reunion with the new Spur Gear Fuel Pump. The contingency will roll over to the legendary 2015 March Meet scheduled for March 5th – 8th with the purchase of a Fuel Pump from Aeromotive distributor Good Vibrations Motorsports in Whittier, CA.