Fueling the Fastest

Larry Larson chose Aeromotive to fuel his five second and nearly two hundred and fifty mile an hour street car. The street car world stood still when Larry Larson dropped the gauntlet and ran 5.95 at 244.43 MPH at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s PSCA event in his street legal S-10. The five time Hot Rod’s Drag Week champion sat out the 2013 event to execute his plan to retire the Chevy II and build the planet’s fastest street car. His mission was accomplished Sunday during eliminations when his S-10 went straight down Broadway to light the score boards with the first ever sub six second run. "Driving the World's Quickest and Fastest Street Truck, more than 1300 miles through the heartland of America, required a reliable fuel system that could provide the volume needed to supply 620 cubic inches and twin 98mm turbos. We chose Aeromotive's Dual Phantom because it allowed us to use every drop in the tank without fear of cavitation or vapor lock. At Drag Week, you can't win if you don't finish, and you can't finish if you don't make it to each track. The Dual Phantom got us there despite the horrible conditions we put it through." - Chad Reynolds Larry-Larson-Drag-Week-Chevy-S10-312 When Larry Larson of Larson Race Cars approached Aeromotive to design the complex fuel system for his beast, we were all in. Several problems became apparent when fueling a vehicle like this. For example, we had to supply enough fuel to support over three thousand horsepower on alcohol, while keeping its ability to run gasoline on the street and be OE reliable. Aeromotive prides itself on problem solving and we were glad to accept the challenge. Larry-Larson-Drag-Week-Chevy-S10-272 Utilizing the Dual Phantom’s ability to create an “on demand” type system allowed Larson to drive down the highway on pump gas and not worry about recycling large amounts of fuel. This kept tank temperatures low enough to virtually eliminate cavitation and vapor lock. The Dual Phantom puts twin 340 LPH pumps directly in tank. These pumps are housed in the patented Phantom baffling system, allowing the fuel to be pushed while keeping the gasoline from being pulled through a vacuum, which drastically lowers the boiling point and creates cavitation. Once Larry arrived at the track, the system was switched over to the alcohol front-mounted cell and the engine was fed by the twenty-four gallon a minute spur gear Terminator pump. Using these two systems, Aeromotive and Larry Larson were able to produce the world’s fastest street driven vehicle. Larry-Larson-Drag-Week-Chevy-S10-210