Expanding the Phantom Fuel System Line-Up

Aeromotive is changing the way hot rods and muscle cars are fuel forever! The Phantom Fuel System is revolutionizing the way fuel systems are plumbed into classic cars, making it easier, less expensive and almost fool proof. Now, we are expanding the Phantom Fuel System line-up with the Phantom 200. The little brother to the Phantom 340, the 200 features a smaller fuel pump. Still capable of supporting high horsepower, even in EFI applications, this new pump comes in a lower price point keeping the overall cost of the system down. But not to worry, it is still a turbine style pump, so it is durable and can be used in PWM and true returnless applications, like those found in the MSD Atomic EFI systems and the Fast 2.0 EFI System. In addition, maybe you plan to add some power down the road with a supercharger or other power adder, the Phantom 200 is easily upgradable to the 340, simply by swapping out the pump. No welding, no sumps, no fuel cells. Just your tank and a kick-ass fuel system that you can install in a couple hours with a few simple tools. We believe that you do not have to sacrifice performance or quality for price. Do your fuel system once, do it right and never do it again... no matter how your car changes or evolves. For more details on the Phantom 340 or 200, see the Phantom page here.