December Newsletter

December Newsletter

SEMA Show 2019 Recap

The 2019 SEMA Show was filled with excitement from the second the doors opened at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, November 5th. This year there were more than 50 Aeromotive-fueled trucks, cars, and UTVs on display, including multiple Hellcat-powered Jeep Gladiators like YouTuber Stradman’s, which was built by America’s Most Wanted 4x4 out of Holly, Michigan.

On top of the massive Aeromotive-equipped presence on the show floor, we took home the Best Performance-Street Product award for the Variable Speed 5.0 GPM Brushless Fuel Pump. This is the same pump that KC Mathieu from KC’s Paint Shop used on his 1968 Ford F100, which he drove from Fort Worth, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2019 SEMA Show.

In the News: Gen II Stealth Fuel Tank for Hellcat Swaps

Street Muscle Magazine recently broke down why the new Gen II Stealth Fuel Tanks for Hellcat swaps are a must for getting adequate fuel delivery in your swapped 64-76 A, B, and E-body Mopar. Equipped with the factory Hellcat 525 liters-per-hour fuel pump, the Gen II is a true plug-and-play system with the Hellcat crate engine.

New Product Spotlight: Phantom Series for Nissan Patrol

At the end of November, we traveled to Saudi Arabia for the first-ever Global Auto Salon Riyadh where the Nissan Patrol is a prevalent SUV for off-roading, drag racing and everyday commuting. The folks in Riyadh were excited to hear that the new Phantom Series comes as a direct drop-in fuel module for the 1999-2020 Nissan Patrol. Available as both dual and triple 450 liters-per-hour fuel pumps, it can support up to 2,200 horsepower with the dual pumps or 3,300 horsepower with the triple pumps for those attempting to maximize their performance.

Behind the Scenes: Aeromotive Keeps Its Foot on the Pedal

Partnering with Modern Racing, we’ve purchased a Main Line DynaLog ProHub 6000 Dynamometer for the 2020 race season. Compared to roller-based dynos that can provide inconsistent results due to loss of traction between the tire and roller, the ProHub technology allows the car to be connected to the Dynamometer through the axel shaft hubs of the car for accurate results. This dyno provides the option to simulate eighth- and quarter-mile runs for precise and effective tuning. Capable of supporting up to 6,000 horsepower, the Main Line ProHub 6000 Dynamometer will be ready for tuning at Modern Racing by the end of January.

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