All Aeromotive Super-Stock Final in Charlotte

The NHRA Four-Wide event in Charlotte March 27-29 saw an all Aeromotive final in Super Stock. Dan Fletcher and David Rampy met after spending the weekend marching past the competition. They were dialed within a tenth of each other. Fletcher unfortunately red-lit by six thousandths, giving Rampy his 88th national event win.

Dan Fletcher is no stranger to the drag strip. In 1969, his father bought a brand-new ’69 Chevy Camaro that became the racecar Fletcher currently drives. His father raced it in the early ‘70’s, then parked it while Dan participated in things like Little League and football. At 16, Fletcher found himself a used ’69 Camaro to drive to school while he raced his dad’s Camaro at the local bracket races. In the early ‘90’s, the original Camaro got a ‘facelift’ and evolved into a Super Stocker. He won his first few races and has been on a roll ever since – his ’69 Camaro is the winninest car in NHRA history. He has won 69 NHRA National events, 3 World Championships, and 6 Divisional titles to date. He also has a wife and three kids.

David Rampy was raised in Alabama with his two older brothers. His parents led by example, working long days to provide for their family and expecting their boys to help with the chores on the farm. This example and expectation led to a strong work ethic in David and his brothers that carried him to where he is today. He started out small, racing when he could and updating his car when he could – a hobby that kept him out of trouble. He partnered up with Harold Stout, a self-made millionaire, and together they took the sportsman-racing world by storm. Today, Rampy has close to 90 National event wins under his belt.

Rampy was able to win on the A2000, while Fletcher ran the A3000. Both pumps are built to handle the exact conditions in which they ran and both gave them the support they needed. Both drivers know what fuel system to run on their cars. They expect nothing but the best and they know they’re getting the best with Aeromotive.