Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Cells

15 and 20 gallon aluminum fuel cells that feature your choice of an A1000 or an Eliminator Fuel Pump built right into the cell. Finally, an in-tank solution for serious horsepower. It's no secret that a fuel pump is happiest when it is submerged in the fuel tank. There a reason the OE's have been doing it for twenty plus years. The problem... Submerging a "big" pump in tanks. Aeromotive has the solution. Although ALL our fuel pumps are submersible, we've developed a fuel pump and filter combo that drops right into our Stealth Fuel Cells. Strap the fuel cell in, hook up your feed and return lines and you're done. 18660_18662 Each aluminum fuel cell is built with our innovative baffling system to ensure a constant column of fuel at the point of pick-up to eliminate cavitation and fuel slosh. Pump noise is dramatically deceased, vapor-lock and cavitation issues are eliminated and now you have an in-tank solution that is truly bolt-on and universal for any application. EFI or carbureted, doesn't matter. Simply select the appropriate fuel pressure regulator. Converting your street rod from carbureted to EFI, simply swap out regulators. One system will be the last system you will ever buy.