Aeromotive on The POWERBLOCK!

PBlockLOGO_06_lr Aeromotive is proud to partner with the Powerblock on a number of builds this season, including a badass GT500 project with Horsepower, airing on February 16 & 17 @ 9:30 am Eastern, 8:30 am Central. Mike and the boys ar horsepower are taking a beautiful blown GT500 and upping the ante with a complete Stealth Fuel System install. Watch the step by step process of the install and see for yourself just how easy adding a return style fuel system and one moster pump to your factory fuel system really is. The Aeromotive Stealth line of fuel systems are large single fuel pump systems designed to drop right into your late-model fuel tank. Giving the additional fuel fuel and control needed for turbocharged or supercharged engines. In addition, Aeromotive provides a detailed parts list of matched components to accompany the new replacement fuel pump so you can convert your factory fuel system to a true return-style fuel system capable up supporting in excess of 1000 hp. 18673-kit Watch the episode online as well by visiting them at: For more details on the Stealth System used on Horsepower, check this page out: Mustang Stealth Fuel Systems Aeromotive also features a complete line-up of Stealth Fuel Systems for almost any application including classic muscle cars, most late-model muscle cars like the Corvette, Camaro and new Mustang as well as universal Stealth system for almost any fuel tank known as the Phantom. Check them all out below:
18688 Phantom Fuel System
1st Gen Camaro Stealth Fuel Tanks Tr-5 Chevy Stealth Fuel Tanks 64-68 Mustang Stealth Fuel Tanks 64-72 GM A-Body Stealth Fuel Tanks (Coming Soon!) 5th Gen Camaro Stealth System C5 & C6 Corvette Stealth Fuel System S197 Mustang & GT500 Stealth System 10-13 Coyote Mustang Stealth System Complete Bolt-In Stealth Tanks for the Fox Body Mustang 340 Stealth Fuel Pump - Stock fuel pump upgrade. Fits more than 70 applications including EVO, Suburu, Honda and even 3rd Gen Camaros and 80's G-Body cars.
17130 Fox Body Complete Stealth Fuel Systm