NHRA came through Topeka over Memorial Day weekend and ended with a diverse array of drivers taking home the coveted Wally. The first one on our Aeromotive-fueled list is Erica Enders-Stevens, Pro Stock driver and defending World Champion. She runs an A3000 (P/N 11215) to a Pro Stock 4-port regulator (P/N 13208) on her naturally-aspirated hot rod. Second on our list is Larry Larson, multiple Drag Week winner and driver of the fastest street car in the world. This past weekend, he won in Top Sportsman. He runs the 24 GPM Terminator (P/N 11139) and a bypass regulator (13132) on his twin-turbo methanol, 3,000 HP car when it’s in drag mode. Larry Larson Lastly is Matt Driskel, winner in Top Dragster in Topeka. His machine is carbureted and runs on gasoline with nitrous. He is fueled by our A3000 (P/N 11215) to our stackable regulators (P/N 13217). Matt Driskell Congratulations to all of our Kansas Nationals winners!