A2000 Remains On Top of the Field

For more than 10 years, the Aeromotive A2000 (P/N 11202) Fuel Pump has dominated the world of drag racing. Fueling champion and after champion in multiple classes and multiple sanctions. Never before has a fuel pump celebrated so many wins with such diverse applications. In 2011, after years of success, Aeromotive is celebrating the A2000’s dominance with a renewed focus. “Its hard to match the durability and performance of the A2000 Fuel Pump,” said Steve Matusek, President and Founder of Aeromotive Fuel System. “We hear from racers all the time, wanting to make sure they still have the latest and greatest from Aeromotive. Its almost as if they figure there has to be some new development in the fuel system world,” Steve continued. “While there has been a lot, the A2000 has remained a constant and it’s hard to argue with its overwhelming success.” A2000While there may not be a new version, there are features that many racers may not know about. For instance, the A2000 has blind holes on the bottom that match many popular fuel pump mounting patterns. This makes for quick and easy pump swaps at the track, no matter what brand you were running. And as the only fuel system manufacturer with trailer programs at all NHRA National Events and most Divisional races, this real benefit to those racers that need fuel system support at the track. This August, Aeromotive will celebrate its 17th Anniversary. The A2000 has been an instrumental component in the growth through out those 17 years and its track record has helped to put Aeromotive on the map. The A2000 has already fueled 7 out 12 NHRA Pro Stock wins in 2011. And prior to this season it fueled 3 out of the last 4 NHRA Pro Stock World Champions including Mike Edwards and 4-time World Champ, Jeg Coughlin Jr. In fact, Jeggy was a back-to-back World Champion and he fueled his car with same Aeromotive A2000 Fuel Pump, every single pass for 3 straight years. That pump never left the car. Now that is durability! That is the type durability you can expect from Aeromotive. It’s a value they can hang their hat on. “With every product we design, we identify a problem, engineer a solution to that problem, test the product on our own vehicles and then stand behind our product and the racers that support us,” said Matusek. “The A2000 was no different. We knew we could engineer a ‘big’ carbureted pump that was extremely efficient, provided optimum pressure control and would be durable.” It’s the reason you’ll find the A2000 in car after car at the track. From the sportsman racers to the Pro Mods and Pro Stock, the Aeromotive A2000 is the choice of champions. Other champions in 2010 include NMCA Pro Street racer, Chris Rini, Super Street 10.5W racer, Tony Nesbit; Mean Street racer, Jeremy Gillam; Open Comp racer, Don Bowles; Late Model EFI racer, Al Corda; LSX All Motor Champ, Judson Massingill; and LSX Rumble Champ, Kurt Anderson. National Champions in the NHRA include NHRA Stock Champ, Brad Burton and NHRA Super Comp Champ, Gary Stinnett. In the NMRA, champions include NMRA Hot Street Champ, Charlie Booze Jr. Aeromotive Inc. is a true high performance aftermarket manufacturer specializing in fuel delivery and fuel delivery components. Utilizing aerospace tolerances and procedures, 3 generations of track experience and a meticulous approach to engineering, Aeromotive Fuel Systems have become the absolute pinnacle of performance fuel delivery. For more information on the A2000 Fuel Pump and to speak with one of the highly qualified technicians, call (913) 647-7300.