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X1 Series – EFI Pro Return Style Regulator



P/N 13305 X1 EFI Pro Return Style Regulator
EFI return style Regulator for Return Style Systems

  • Base fuel pressure adjustable from 35-75 PSI.
  • Vacuum/Boost reference capability.
  • 1:1 rising rate for forced induction engines.
  • Gasoline, ethanol, alcohol and diesel compatible.
  • 2 – ORB -08 inlet/outlet ports on the sides.
  • 1 – ORB-08 return port on the bottom port.
  • 1 – 1/8″ NPT Gauge Port with plug.
  • 1/16″ NPT Boost Port with 5/32″ hose barb.
  • Compatible with X1 EFI Conversion kit.
  • Compatible with X1 Carb Conversion kit.
  • 0.313″ return style with matching spring and poppet.
  • Handles up to 250 GPH with AN-08 return line.
  • Ideal for high flow-Aeromotive Pumps including Eliminator, Pro-Series, Brushless 3.5 and 5.0.
  • Mounting bracket included (not shown).
  • This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.

X1 Regulator Service/Conversion Kits:
Include Seat, diaphragm/poppet assembly and spring

P/N 13014 150 GPH 0.313″ Carb Conversion Kit
P/N 13013 150 GPH 0.188″ EFI Conversion Kit
P/N 13015 250 GPH 0.313″ EFI Service Kit

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From carbureted to EFI pressures, naturally aspirated or forced induction, the X1 return style Regulator is designed to span the entire range of low and high pressure applications providing the dependable fuel flow and pressure control you’ve come to expect from Aeromotive.

Using the X1 regulator today for a carburetor or EFI, you can easily switch platforms back and forth at will, without having to purchase another regulator.  Simply get the correct conversion kit for your pump and pressure range (sold separately) and you can swap out the internal parts while leaving the regulator mounted and plumbed as is.

Replace original X1 Series regulator internals with the conversion kit of your choice (Part #’s 13013, 13014, and 13015) and you have a regulator with vastly different characteristics. While versatility is one of the X1’s greatest assets, it is far from the only new design feature. Utilizing larger (3) -8AN ORB inlet/outlet/return ports to accommodate increased flow, at the same time Aeromotive reduced overall size and the weight by 33% (compared to Aeromotive 13109 regulator).

The new X1 design eliminates the compromise common to other convertible regulator designs, with the optimization of all internal components including the diaphragm/poppet, spring and return style seat, the X1 delivers all of the performance and features you expect from an application specific return style regulator, regardless of what you decide to do with your induction system tomorrow.  Above and beyond the expected performance, you still have the amenities like a 1/8”” NPT gauge port and 1:1 ratio boost reference port for forced induction applications. This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.

The X1 Series provides flexible performance that grows as your fuel system grows. For more information on the X1 Series Regulators,  Click Here

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 5.5 × 5.5 in

Mounting Configuration: External

CARB or EFI Power Adder FUEL Horsepower