Phantom Apex Jet Siphon Kit


P/N 18706 Apex Jet-Siphon Pump Kit
Patent Pending, Jet-Siphon Powered Transfer Pump

  • The Apex Jet-Siphon Pump utilizes advanced, patent-pending jet siphon technology to provide a constant supply of cool fuel from a remote spot in the tank into the Phantom bladder or reservoir.
  • State of the art Jet-Siphon technology is self priming and ideal in extreme applications from all-out road-racing to radical rock crawling.
  • Transfers fuel across “saddle-bag” style tanks keeping the main tank and reservoir full.
  • Ideal for applications experiencing extreme cornering loads or radical, off-angle / off road vehicle environments.
  • The Apex Jet-Siphon Pump keeps fuel at the pump inlet even when fuel tank levels are low and fuel is moving away from the pump location.
  • Perfect addition to any existing Phantom.
  • For the ultimate slosh control and low fuel tank performance use with Phantom Bladder Baffles.


Perfect for regulated systems with return style regulator and ideal for Late Model Returnless, Pulse-Modulated Systems when used with a Phantom Fuel Pump Module and matching Bladder Baffle kit.  Aeromotive’s Apex Jet Siphon Pump works in either standard or saddle-bag style tanks.

The Apex Jet Siphon delivers OEM fuel control combined with high horsepower fuel delivery that only Aeromotive pumps can provide. With the Aeromotive Apex Jet Siphon kit installed with your Phantom fuel pump you’ll have a continuous supply of fuel from the off-tank or saddle-bag to maintain a full Phantom baffle and keep the main tank full during normal driving. And you’ll never have to worry about priming the Apex Phantom thanks to the ingenious, patent-pending jet siphon design that automatically floods and primes/re-primes itself, regardless of whether it gets a gulp of air when the off-tank is low, or even if the off tank runs dry before you get it refilled. Click Here for more information

Apex Jet Siphon Pump Kit includes everything needed for installation in an existing Phantom:

  • Apex Jet Siphon pump.
  • 4-feet of submersible gasoline and ethanol rated suction line.
  • Supply barb fitting adapts to existing internal port in any Phantom hat.
  • Powerful, two-magnet system, secures pickup line in the exact intended position.
  • Compatible with ferrous metal and non ferrous aluminum/poly tank applications.
  • Retrofit kit includes replacement Phantom gasket, sealing washers and nylock nuts.

For the best in full fuel slosh control, add Phantom Bladder Baffles

Additional information

Weight0.85 lbs
Dimensions7.13 × 5 × 2.25 in

Mounting Configuration: External

CARB or EFIPower AdderFUELHorsepower