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ORB-06 to AN-06 In-line Gauge Adapter


P/N 15694 ORB-06 to AN-06 In-line Gauge Adapter
ORB Port to AN Male Flare Gauge Adapter with Jamb Nut to allow clocking the gauge port position.

  • Adapts any ORB-06 port for in-line fuel pressure take-off point to easily monitor system pressure where no gauge port is currently available.
  • Standard 1/8″ NPT Gauge Port
  • ORB-06 male with o-ring included.
  • Fits and seals in all ORB-06 ports.
  • AN-06 male works with all AN-06 hose-ends.
  • Design allows gauge port to be clocked.


In-Line Gauge Adapter, ORB Male to AN Male Flare.  Jamb-Nut style allows the gauge port to be clocked and the ORB port side tightened for proper sealing.

Ideal for installing a pressure gauge where no pressure test port is available.  Perfect for checking flowing pressure at various locations in any bypass or return-style fuel system, finding hidden flow restrictions that create excessive back pressure like a clogged or restrictive filter.  Just locate the gauge and gauge adapter between the pump and the next likely restriction and turn on the pump, then compare pressure to the fuel rail or carburetor pressure.  Any reading more than 5-PSI higher than the engine operating pressure indicates a restriction worth investigating.

The Aeromotive line of custom fittings, adapters and hose-ends are a step above the norm, offering uncompromising fuel flow and positive sealing.

Constructed of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum or stainless steel, each component is CNC-machined for precision fit and unmatched flow. All billet aluminum fittings are anodized Type II bright dip black for corrosion protection and good looks.

Aeromotive offers a wide range of hard to find fittings including ORB to AN port fittings and OEM specific adapters that support AN connections.

Additional information

Weight0.06 lbs
Dimensions5.63 × 2.88 × 2 in

Mounting Configuration:

CARB or EFIPower AdderFUELHorsepower