1-1/4″ Inlet Port Adapter 12-Series Mechanical Pumps



P/N 11748: 1-1/4″ Barb Inlet Adapter Fitting
Inlet port adapter for P/N’s 11115 and 11117 12-Series Mechanical Pumps.  Provides 1-1/4″ hose or hard tubing inlet connection for use with hose bib and clamp.  High flow capacity eliminates starvation and cavitation.

  • Exclusively for 12-Series Mechanical Pumps.
  • Includes o-ring and stainless fasteners.
  • Supports 1-1/4″ hose or hard tubing inlet.
  • Requires bib hose and clamps with tubing.
  • Suitable for either hex or belt driven pumps.


Additional information

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 5.63 × 2.88 × 2 in

Mounting Configuration: External

CARB or EFI Power Adder FUEL Horsepower