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New Stealth 340 Pumps

Since the introduction of the original Aeromotive 340 Stealth Pump, demand for E-85 fuel compatibility has steadily increased due to its popular use as a cheap alternative to race fuel. Aeromotive is listening to the demand and is proud to announce the release of the New 340 Stealth Pumps featuring the addition of E-85 compatibility.

Internally, Aeromotive’s New Stealth 340 Pump utilizes an encapsulated armature featuring carbon commutators and brushes designed for use with E-85 fuel. Additionally, wiring leads extending from the pump have been sealed and terminate with connecters that are specifically designed to withstand the unique properties of E-85. Finally, the inclusion of an embossed Aeromotive “A” on the outlet cap assures that this is a genuine Aeromotive product. The New 340 can be used with standard pump gas or E85, and retains many of the features found in our original 340 Stealth pump. Wiring “pig-tail”, pre-filter and associated installation hardware are supplied with the New 340. The New 340 is currently in stock and available to ship.



New 340 Stealth Pump part numbers can be found below:
11540 – Fuel Pump, E85, Center inlet, 340lph This item will supersede #11140
11541 – Fuel Pump, E85, Offset inlet 340lph This item will supersede #11141
11542 – Fuel Pump, E85, Offset Inlet – Inlet inline w/ outlet, 340lph This item will supersede #11142
11569 – Fuel Pump, E85, GM, 340lph This item will supersede #11169

Download the Applications Guide