New Stealth In-Tank Pre-Filter Assembly

Aeromotive is proud to release an exciting new addition to its outstanding line of high performance fuel filters: the new Stealth, In-Tank Pre-Filter, P/Ns 12612 and 12613.

Protecting the heart of the fuel system means protecting the fuel pump. Running debris through a precision pumping mechanism is a frequent cause of pump failure. At best, it shortens pump service life. At worst, fuel flow is reduced, which leans out the engine. Solving this problem requires installing a proper pre-filter. The biggest challenges are finding the room to fit and affording the additional weight of a large, high-flow, pre-filter assembly. Thanks to the new Stealth In-Tank Pre-Filter from Aeromotive, you can install a large, high-flow filter element with minimal additional weight and without using 1 square inch of the precious space you need to fit the pump low and close to the fuel cell.



The new Stealth Pre-Filter is installed inside the tank, and it replaces the stock fuel cell outlet bulkhead with a unique bulkhead fitting that comes with it. This bulkhead is unique because it provides support for the filter on the inside while providing the high-flow connection needed to feed the pump on the outside. The filter is available with two different size bulkheads: an AN-10 male flare under P/N 12612 and AN-12 male flare under P/N 12613.

Another benefit to these filters is that they, like the rest of our filters, have some of the largest surface areas in the industry. Our surface area ranges from 15 square inches for our SS-style filters all the way up to 112 square inches for our Pro Series-style filters. There are two reasons we make our filters with a higher surface area. The first reason is this: it reduces unnecessary restriction, allowing for more flow through the filter. More restriction means the system is going to work harder just to move the same amount of fuel through. The second reason is that a higher surface area means a longer life. The more surface area the filter has, the longer it can go without needing a cleaning or replacement.