New Apex Phantom

Aeromotive, the market leader in fuel systems, is introducing two outstanding new products into their award-winning Phantom in-tank fuel pump line-up.

The Apex Phantom utilizes advanced, patent-pending jet siphon technology to provide a constant supply of cool fuel to the Phantom bladder, which allows the system to dominate in extreme applications from all out road-racing to radical rock crawling. From extreme cornering loads to extreme off-angle vehicle environments, the Apex Phantom maintains fuel supply to the Phantom pump and bladder assembly, even when fuel tank levels are low and fuel is moving away from the pump location.

Aeromotive’s Apex Phantom is highly recommended for most tanks, including saddle-bag tanks. The Apex Phantom opens the door to OEM convenience but with high horsepower pump flow rates that only Aeromotive pumps can provide. With the Aeromotive Apex jet siphon your Phantom System will have a continuous supply of fuel from the off-tank or saddle-bag to maintain optimal fuel supply, both to the Phantom baffle and then to the main tank. And you’ll never have to worry about priming the Apex Phantom thanks to the ingenious, patent-pending jet siphon design that automatically floods and primes the pump, regardless of whether it gets a gulp of air when the off-tank is low, or even if the off tank runs dry before you get it refilled.

Designed with 4-feet of gasoline and ethanol rated suction line and featuring a controlled pickup that maintains 1/8” clearance to the tank bottom, the Apex Phantom pickup line is able to be secured to the exact intended pickup point utilizing a powerful, two-magnet system, compatible with any tank construction material – including poly-plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.

Aeromotive’s new Apex Phantom is available with two pump options: a Phantom 340 (P/N 18704) or a Phantom Flex (P/N 18705). The jet-siphon is also sold separately for use with any existing Phantom (P/N 18706).

Complementing the new Apex Phantom, Aeromotive also releases its proprietary new Phantom Bladder Baffle, which literally opens and closes the door on Phantom flow control technology.

While providing a continuous, high fuel flow into the Phantom Baffle using the Apex Phantom is awesome, it’s critical to allow a large volume of fuel to flow into the baffle naturally from the surrounding tank. It is also important to keep it there. The Phantom Bladder Baffle can ensure this. Installed in the inlet passages at the base of the Phantom Bladder, the new Phantom Bladder Baffle increases the flow area into the Bladder to promote rapid fuel recovery from the surrounding tank while deploying a PTFE check ball that acts to keep that critical fuel in the bladder, preventing it from escaping during hard acceleration, cornering, and off-angle vehicle maneuvers.

Aeromotive’s Phantom Bladder Baffle is constructed with CNC-machined billet aluminum valve bodies, which are then anodized and loaded with a PTFE check ball and locked in to the Phantom bladder with a PTFE retaining washer. The Phantom Bladder Baffle is designed for durability and is fully compatible with gasoline and ethanol fuels. It requires no special tools and may be used in any existing or new Phantom bladder, with the Apex Phantom, or as a stand-alone solution to slosh control.

Aeromotive’s Phantom Bladder Baffle is available in sets of 4 (P/N 18020) for the standard Phantom Bladder used in the Phantom 200 and Phantom 340 pump kits, or in sets of 5 (P/N 18021) for the larger Phantom Bladder used in the Phantom Flex and Phantom Dual.