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Fueled To Perform: Dyno Testing VP Racing Fuels’ Products

June 22, 2020

By BRIAN HAVINS JUNE 20, 2020 Website: We are excited to share with you that Aeromotive received an editorial or content mention in a Power Automedia media channel: Acommon problem — depending on where you live — is getting the best fuel for your car. Fortunately, in our area, we have 93-octane gasoline, which is okay for our street cars…

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Aeromotive Releases Pandemic Letter

March 31, 2020
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Aeromotive Fueling JBS Equipment

February 19, 2020

2/12/2020        In November, 2019, Aeromotive, Inc. was approached by Justin Bond of JBS Equipment, which is located in British Columbia, Canada, about a fuel starvation issue it was experiencing with a piece of equipment it manufactures. A Silage Bagger — a piece of diesel-powered agricultural equipment that bags and seals large quantities of cattle feed…

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Aeromotive Corvette Filter/Regulator Combo

February 18, 2020

Topic:  Buyer Beware – Corvette Filter/Regulator Combo As streetable horsepower levels increase at a rapid rate, we continue to learn that things that used to be common practice suddenly don’t work like they did previously.  One good example is the use of what is commonly known as the Corvette Filter/Regulator combo, which was used primarily…

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