Lucas Off Road Series No Problem for Phantom

The dual pump phantom is by far the best fuel system on the market. I ran one in my short course off-road truck for an entire year with not one issue. Fuel delivery has always been an issue in short-course, but those days are over thanks to the dual phantom. There’s never a spike in fuel pressure, no overheating…

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All New X1 Series Regulators

Aeromotive announced today the expansion of their already impressive lineup of fuel pressure regulators with the addition of the X1 Series Regulator. As the next step in the evolution of Aeromotive’s line of regulators, the X1 is one of the most innovative regulator designs to hit market in recent years. From carbureted to EFI pressures,…

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New Kid in the Sandbox

Aeromotive is super excited to be working with one of the brightest new stars in off-road racing, Brandon Arthur. At just 18 years old, Brandon has already achieved two championships and a rookie of the year award. A fan favorite, he won the 2012 HDRA, 1400 championship in what was originally his grandfather’s farm truck. In…

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Aeromotive is thrilled to be working hand in hand with the best that off-road racing has to offer. Being apart of the Casey Currie team gives Aeromotive a chance to not only showcase our parts but ensure flawless fuel delivery under the harshest conditions. Casey comes from a family whose name is synonymous with performance.…

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New Stealth Fuel Cells, Now with 340 Pumps!

If the Stealth Fuel Cells are an option you are considering, the 340 Cell might be perfect for your application, especially if you are building on a budget. The 340 cells will save you a bit over their A1000 and Eliminator siblings and provide a number of performance advantages…

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Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Cells

15 and 20 gallon aluminum fuel cells that feature your choice of an A1000 or an Eliminator Fuel Pump built right into the cell. Finally, an in-tank solution for serious horsepower. It’s no secret that a fuel pump is happiest when it is submerged in the fuel tank. There a reason the OE’s have been…

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