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  •  Upon approval of sponsorship, you must provide a valid credit card number for the approved product to ensure all of these requirements are met.
  • The builder/owner understands that, if for any reason, the vehicle does not fulfill the original build requirements, or fails to appear at the events, or appear in articles listed above, that they may be responsible for full payment for the products received at retail value.
  • Photos of the install and the completed vehicle as it appears at shows, events, or other media events must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the product, or of the show/event.
  • You are the legal representative for promotional interest in the vehicle and have the right to enter an agreement with Aeromotive Inc. in association with the sponsorship of the vehicle.
  • You will refrain from making any disparaging or negative references toward Sponsor.
  • During the promotional period of 1 year from receipt of the product you agree to display sponsor logo on vehicle and/or sponsor board and use the sponsored products on the Sponsored vehicle.
  • Sponsored party must also provide photos and/or video of the vehicle for Aeromotive, Inc. to use on social media and in marketing materials. You agree to use @aeromotive #aeromotive #aeromotivefueled #wearefueldelivery on social media posts.
  • Provide the promotional value(s) to Sponsor as stated above during the agreement period of 1 year from receipt of the product.
  • All submitted promotional assets including but not limited to photography, imagery and video, become property of Sponsor and may be used for marketing and promotional purposes in perpetuity free of royalty or a