The direct fit systems are designed to reliably deliver fuel in high-performance street and racing applications. 

LENEXA, Kan. (April 26, 2021) — Aeromotive, the leading manufacturer of aftermarket fuel systems and accessories, has developed direct drop-in fuel pump modules for the 1982-92 and 1993-97 Chevrolet Camaro. The modules deliver the proper amount of fuel for high-performance street and racing applications and are designed specifically for the factory tanks, simplifying installation.
The modules are available in two configurations for each generation, 1982-92 and 1993-97: 200 liters-per-hour (LPH) and 340 LPH. Both feature a factory-sized outlet cap to maintain fitment with the OEM fuel tank and fuel/electrical bulkheads all pre-installed. Outlet and return ports along with electrical terminals are positioned in the OEM location for easy installation, requiring no modifications to the tank. During installation, -06 AN fuel outlet and return lines need to be plumbed in lieu of OEM fuel lines in addition to upgraded wiring to power the larger fuel pump.
The 200 LPH fuel pumps are capable of supporting naturally aspirated gasoline applications up to 600 horsepower and forced-induction gasoline applications up to 450 horsepower. The 200 LPH fuel pump is not compatible with E-85 ethanol applications. For those trying to maximize horsepower, the 340 LPH fuel pump can support naturally aspirated gasoline applications up to 850 horsepower, naturally aspirated E-85 ethanol applications up to 595 horsepower, forced-induction gasoline applications up to 700 horsepower and forced-induction E-85 ethanol applications up to 490 horsepower. 
The 1982-92 and 1993-97 Chevrolet Camaro 200 LPH direct drop-in module (part # 18071, 18072) and the 1982-92 and 1993-97 Chevrolet Camaro 340 LPH direct drop-in module (part# 18073, 18074) are compatible with both EFI and carbureted applications. For more information, visit
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