Aeromotive Inc. Announces 03-07 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Lift Pump System

Last year when Aeromotive introduced their game-changing new diesel lift pump for the 01-10 Chevy Duramax and 09-10 Powerstroke, they were able to solve several key issues experienced by diesel owners. Now, with the addition of a diesel lift pump system for 03-07 6.0L Powerstrokes, these owners can also reap the benefits of the system, including resolving the ¼ issue, the pressure control issue, and motor shaft seal failures. Aeromotive opted for a flow-thru design to solve the shaft seal failure, which means there is no shaft seal to fail or leak. With a brushless motor design, Aeromotive has increased the performance and longevity you would expect from a diesel lift pump. A single filter model simplifies the design and reduces maintenance cost. The pump includes the Caterpillar 1R-0750 2-micron filter to catch the smallest particulates. With a standard 1”-14 filter head thread, the customer can use their filter of choice.

11801 – Complete Kit, 01-10 Chevy Duramax (130gph @ 10psi)
11802 – Pump only (130gph @ 10psi)
11803 – 01-10 Chevy Duramax, Retro fit kit for existing Diesel lift pump, ½” lines
11804 – Hose & wiring kit
11805 – Baffled dip tube assembly
11807 – Complete Kit, 08-10 Ford Powerstroke (130gph“ @10psi)
12675 – Caterpillar 1R-0750 Replacement filter
11808 – Complete Kit, 03-07 6.0 L Powerstroke