Aeromotive Fuels MB Motorsports to Baja 500 Victory

Aeromotive is proud to fuel SCORE UTV racer, Marc Burnett and his bad ass Can-Am side-by-side. Marc took home the win at the Baja 500 this past weekend marking his second win of the season. Aeromotive couldn’t be more thrilled to fuel Marc and the MB Motorsports team. Marc who has been dubbed, “The hardest working man in motorsports” is an unbelievable champion of the Aeromotive brand perfect example of someone we want to represent us and our products. From all of us at Aeromotive, congratulation Marc!

At the start of the race there were 17 UTV’s. Only 9 made it to the finish line. Marc finished the SCORE Baja 500 with a time of 13.01-56 with an average of 34.33 mph. While that might not sound very fast, here is something to think about. Marc in his UTV finished ahead of 11 other classes, including Class 3, Class 5, Class 11, Pro Truck and Trophy Truck. 177 4-wheel vehicles started the race (not including quads) an less than half finished, only 83.

Baja is one of the most grueling and demanding races in all forms of motorsports. This is why we are proud of Marc’s acheivements and why we are proud to be his fuel system of choice. There is no greater test on your products then this type of endurance racing. This is why we put so much emphasis on a win here. Aeromotive fueled Marc’s Can-Am Maverick side-by-side with a 340 Fuel Pump (P/N 11140), Aeromotive Fuel Filter and Fuel Pressure Regulator (P/N 13109).

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Race Report from Marc Burnett:

It all started the week before the Baja 500. Before the nightmare started I was going on little to no sleep. The week before the Baja I had flown out to do a show in DE. But the real nightmare started Tuesday night in Plaster City, CA. We were testing the car for the 1st time with the brand new Can-Am motor. I was very excited to finally test the new suspension in the car as well as the motor. I knew I had to drive the car 70-100 miles to break the motor in. We were only going about 40-60 MPH for about 14 miles before the motor locked up. When the motor locked up I knew it was the bottom-end of the motor by the way it sounded.

At this time it was about 2am Wednesday morning while I was sitting there in the car waiting for my cousin Reid to pick me up I was very seriously contemplating weather or not I was going to be able to race. My cousin Reid at this time had had no sleep because he had been working night and day on the race car to get it ready for the Baja. He’s a perfectionist and makes sure everything is perfect. Reid finally got to us and picked us up. When he heard what had happen, he was not a happy camper. As we were getting the car on the trailer we were both wondering how we were going to put another motor in in two days. At this time it was about 3:30 am driving back to San Diego thinking of our game plan. A lot of people were suggesting that we put the old motor back in the car but I knew the motor was worn out. It had low compression. So we decided to take the motor out of one of our brand new 4-seater Can-Am’s. By the time we got home and unloaded it was around 4:30 am. We decided to get a few hours of sleep before we got to work again.

Taking the 4-seater motor out was not very difficult compared to our 2-seater. Our 2-seater takes forever to remove the motor because its so tight inside the vehicle. At this time we were suppose to be down at the Baja pre-running, relaxing and eating tacos on the beach but that plan went out the window. I was very concerned that this other motor might do the same thing. The motor had a total of only 9 miles. We had the car done and ready to go by noon Friday. By the time we got down to contingency it was around 5:00 pm. We informed SCORE that we were running late and they told us not to worry cause they were still a lot of people in line. My cousin Reid did not get back to the hotel till after 12am from getting the car tech. The tech line was ridiculously long. I told my cousin that I wanted to test the car after tech so when he came back I went and drove the car down the street for about a mile when I noticed the transmission was making a clicking noise when I came to a dead stop and accelerated. I also noticed that my separate alternator was not charging on top of those two issues the 4WD was not working either.

By this time it was about 1:30 am. I told Reid all the problems that we still had. We both were thinking of not racing. I was exhausted and bummed out that the car was not working right. Reid got the 4WD to work after about an hour in half of working on it but we still had the problem with the alternator and the transmission. I was more concerned with the alternator at this point. We tried for hours to get the alternator to work. We even went to a Mexican electrical shop to see if he can fix it and the shop was still open at 2:30 am. We were there for about an hour and he was unable to find the problem with the alternator. By this time it was 4:00 am I still had no sleep. We brought the car back to the hotel and worked on it more to try and figure out what the problem was. Reid told me to go inside and try to sleep and that he’ll figure it out. I tried to sleep but I was too worried and stressed out about the car. I just laid in bed for about 2 hours thinking about the car. I got up around 6:00 am to see how Reid was doing. The poor guy looked like shit but the guy always looks like shit anyways cause he works so many hours. We then again considered not racing. We couldn’t get the alternator to work or the transmission to stop making noise.

Our pit crew started coming in early in the morning. One of our pit crew guys is really good with electrical and was able to solve the alternator problem. Apparently the problem was the wiring in the connection was bad. This gave me a little more hope with the alternator now working. At this point I was 4 days with little to no sleep. For all of you who know me, I sleep very little anyways but this was beyond what I can handle. At this time it was around 8 am and we decided to race just to get the points.

We were waiting in line and in front of us was John Angal # 1920. I had to bump him just to see where my bumper would hit since he was the first guy I would pass and also we had a bet. Winner takes $1,000. We joked about it before we started racing. He said if I came behind him he would let me thru. John is a great guy and a great racer. So the race started around 11:50 am. The first team we passed were the Murray Brothers # 1917 at around the 15 mile marker. The second team we passed was a Polaris team. The third team we passed was #1921 John Angal. At this time we were approximately at the 36 mile marker and I felt like I had a flat. I decided to make a pit stop at one of our pits. When I was in the pit # 1920 passed me back. We went for approximately another 5 miles being behind John when we passed him back. We were able to pass him because he blew a turn. A few miles down the road there was a bottle neck of cars that were not in line and were scattered everywhere going up the hill so I waited for a couple of minutes and we went forward because nobody else could make it up the hill ” this is the hill that everybody said that I cut in front of people”, which I have video of all the cars scattered around and not in line. After the hill I lost my GPS in the car and this was the worst part to loose the GPS due to the slit and dust. We then came in to a big slit bed with 6 cars stuck in the slit. We passed all of them in the bad ass Mav.

When we got to the pit in mile marker 75 our GPS started working again. We were coming up to my favorite section by the beach which has a lot of whining turns which the Can-Am loves! We started coming up on a Spec8 truck and a Class 7 truck. A few turns later I was in the bumper of the Mills Class 8 truck. We both passed the 7 truck and we had our sights on another 8 truck too but by that time we got into a lot of high speed straight always. Moving forward we got to approx mile marker 170 and we were battling again with the Mills truck. As we proceeded to go up to Mike’s we passed some more cars, some 16”s couple of Class 1’s, a Class 3 and a 9. Now we were up in mile marker 229 where there were more slit beds before Rancho Meling. We had to wait in a jam there too IN A SINGLE FILE LINE. After we got out of that there were more slit beds and jams to deal with. We were about 10 miles away from Mike’s when the belt broke. It took us about 32 minutes to replace the belts because I could not remove the CVT cover because the exhaust was bent up underneath it. After that I only drove the car at about 60 MPH because I was concern that the belt was going to break again. As we were coming out of BORREGO dry lake bed and were going Wes,t we were told that our lead was getting smaller and Brandon Sims was gaining time on us. We had a lot of cars in front with little visibility because of all the dust. Most of the cars moved out of the way except a Class 5 car that when we pulled up to the rear bumper the person decided to out run us. I flashed our lights and honk our horn for the car to get out of our way. So the second time I got behind their bumper the person still did not move out of the way so I hit the person and the car still did not move out of the way. The second time I hit the car I hit it harder. Finally the car moved over and we pushed a little harder for the first time all day. We were getting closer and closer to the finish and we could taste the $1000 and the win.

At mile marker 433 the front diff blew up and it was making a lot of noise. At this point we were only going about 20 MPH to the finish line. We didn’t know what to do but we kept driving on it, crossing our fingers hoping that it would stay together. When we crossed the finish line I was amazed that we made it and that we won 1st place.

I want to thank my cousin Reid and Rick along with my pit crew. Special thanks to my family and Jose for getting our alternator to work and all our sponsors for sticking with us this year. Thanks to all our followers and fans for giving us all your support. Till the next race…