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Tech Bulletins

Click the links below to view or download the Tech Bulletins

1. Pre-Pump Fuel Filtration TB-101: Selecting the correct inlet fuel filter to protect your pump.

2. Post-Pump Fuel Filtration TB-102: Selecting the correct outlet filter to protect your engine.
2.1 Case History TB-102:A1000 Stealth Fuel Cell and Problem Outlet Filter

3.  Carbureted Fuel Pressure Regulators TB- 201: Why and how to use vacuum and boost reference.

4. EFI engines with Bypass Regulators TB- 202: Understanding and using vacuum/boost reference

5. Fuel Pump Speed Controller  TB-301: Detailed Setup Guide.

6. Fuel Pump Speed Controller TB-302: Troubleshooting Guide.

7. Fuel Pumps and Horsepower TB-501: What to consider when selecting a fuel pump.

8. Dynamic vs. Static Fuel Systems TB-801: Today’s technology for flow and pressure control.

9. Fuel Tanks, Sumps and Pickup Tubes TB-802: How to properly feed a high-flow fuel pump.

10. AN vs. NPT TB-901: Understanding port threads, adapter fittings and line sizes.

11. Advanced Tips for EFI Tuning with Fuel Pressure TB-902 

12. Fuel Pressure Gauges TB-903: Liquid Filled vs. Dry, The Problem and the Solution.