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Speciality Adapters & Fittings The first time you hold an Aeromotive fitting in your hand you will realize that all fittings aren’t the same. The exacting standards, tolerances and engineering that go into our state-of-the-art fuel pumps are used on all of our products including our fittings. True billet, CNC-machined aluminum, more area and smoother transition from inlet to outlet creates less restriction and more flow with less of a chance for turbulence. Designed to AN and MS specifications, our fittings not only look and perform better, they will also survive the harshest environments.

Take a look at all our specialty fittings and adapters below including OE quick connect fittings that easily adapt AN line to factory fuel rails and hard lines. If you are looking for standard fittings and hose-ends, browse that section by clicking the category to the left.

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