Luke Lonberger


Age: 27

Birthday: February 14th, 1983

Height: 5ft 10″

Weight: 170 lbs

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Current residence: Campbell, CA

Interests: Drifting, race car fabrication, mountain biking, animals, welding, driving.

Luke grew up in the northern California town of Los Gatos. He was always taking things apart and tinkering with mechanical objects as a kid, which eventually led to motor sports related items such as go karts, scooters, motorcycles, and cars. He started racing BMX bicycles when he was 7 and has been hooked on racing since. He was introduced to motor sports at the age of 8 upon meeting a neighbor who was involved with racing sprint karts. After a few outings to the track he knew what he wanted to do and worked all summer mowing lawns, doing odd jobs around the neighborhood, and selling lemonade to purchase a sprint kart of his own. He competitively raced from the age of 9-15 collecting many podium finishes in the 4 stroke jr. 2 sportsman class along with the 80cc outlaw shifter class. Luke was known for his slide around driving style and was always an entertaining driver at the track.

Upon turning 16 he was invited to a track day at ThunderHill. Luke was promptly black flagged for sliding the car around the track. Since then he has dedicated his time to perfecting his drifting talents.

He was the champion of the first ever US Drift event held at Infineon Raceway in 2004, and has racked up multiple top 3 finishes in events ranging from NCDA, Thunder Drift, Formula Drift ProAm, US Drift, Megan Racing Invitational, and Drift Showoff. Luke has participated in over 150 drifting related events over the years, and was even a spokesperson for the Nor Cal Drift Academy. He has been a key member in the NorCal drifting community for the past few years. Being a main judge and advanced instructor for the NCDA for two consecutive years, and a competition judge for the ThunderDrift series. Luke has been featured on Stir TV, and multiple magazine publications. He also performed at a HIN demo in San Mateo. Many of his car builds have received international media attention.

This year Luke has earned a 2011 Formula Drift professional competition license. He competed in the entire Thunder Drift ProAm series finishing 2nd overall in the championship and qualifying at every single event in the top 3. Luke also finished top 5 in every event during the 2010 season.

C6 Corvette
Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System