New Stealth Fuel Cells, Now with 340 Pumps!

Mon, May 7, 2012


Stealth Fuel Cells featuring a built-in Aeromotive 340 Stealth Fuel Pump.

Much like our complete line-up of Stealth Fuel Systems, the 340 Stealth Cells feature an internal fuel pump. In this case, it’s our extremely popular 340 lph Stealth Fuel Pump. Capable of supporting big power in an OE style pump configuration, the 340 Fuel Pump is whisper quiet and provides enough flow for 700+ HP.

If the Stealth Fuel Cells are an option you are considering, the 340 Cell might be perfect for your application, especially if you are building on a budget. The 340 cells will save you a bit over their A1000 and Eliminator siblings and provide a number of performance advantages including; ensuring quiet cool operation for the fuel pump by keeping it submerged through innovative baffling, even in extreme driving conditions. They are also whisper quiet and the ease of installation is unmatched. No drilling or tapping, no bulkheads, sumps or welding required. Simply strap the fuel cell in, hook up your lines and wires and your done. These cells also save you a bundle (space, time and cash) by eliminating all of the pre-pump plumbing usually required to run a fuel cell.

• Aeromotive 340 lph Fuel Pump (Internal) – P/N 11140
• Pre-pump filter sock sssembly
• Innovative baffling system
• (1) AN-08 male return line port
• (2) AN-08 vents w/ roll-over valves
• 0-90 Ohm Universal Fuel Level Sending Unit
• 6, 15 and 20 gallon capacities available
• Standard flush mount lid assembly
• Natural aluminum finish

P/N 18659 – 6g 340 Stealth Fuel Cell

P/N 18664 – 15g 340 Stealth Fuel Cell

PN 18665 – 20g 340 Stealth Fuel Cell

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